Drama Story


                The reality of dreams

 Can't tolerate each other.  Their first talk at Friendship Club.  Johnny is the son of a rich house, but Mary is a very ordinary house girl.  Johnny runs an ad agency.  And Mary takes care of some of the little ones in an orphanage.  They need some money to teach their computer.  To raise that money, Mary goes to an ad agency to do a part-time job.  Mary knows who Johnny is.  So Confarm rejects the job.  Mary came home and decided to think a lot about the job.  Gradually, the two become new friends.  Unknowingly a time turns into love.  One day, the two stayed at a house in the mountains.  Johnny has a nightmare.  Two people were riding bikes.  Standing by the road.  On the other side of the street, Mary goes to the flower shop to buy flowers.  Flowers help an elderly woman cross the road by taking one in one.  From the other side, a car came at a cunning speed and pressed Mary.  Mary does not believe in Johnny's dream.  Johnny has always been at Tension since this dream.  Johnny Celebrate on Mary's Birthday.  Mary comes and kisses.  One day Mary becomes ill.  Johnny gets scared.  Because his dream won't come true.  Johnny goes to buy flowers for Mary in the same place.  That's why Accident is Johnny.  Mary broke down in tears.  Hospital opens eyes.

                          - The End -

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