Choto Nawab In Hazarduwari,Murshidabad | Orgenal Warish Of Nabab Shiraj Ud Dowlah

Orgenal Warish Of Nabab Shiraj Ud Dowala
Mirja Mohammed Shiraj Ud Daulah ( Shiraj) 1733-1757 . He is last Independent Nawab of Bengal . The end of his reign marked the start of British East India company. Under Shiraj control State Bengla, Bihar, Urissah. Shiraj warish is Choto Nawab ( local Name). He last Generation of Nawab Royal Family . This photograph is  Choto Nawab .

                                             MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE

A few years ago I went to Murshidabad for a special work.  Let's meet this man.  At first, if a small-sighted person seems very ordinary and can speak for a while, I understand that he is a very humble person.  Why not, because he is a little nawab, whose blood is flowing in his body.  I became a fan of economically poor, girly people.  This was my real experience two years ago.  The last Nawab of Bengal is the experience of seeing the younger Nawab.

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