Money is Second God in this World


Possible:There is a saying, "No money, No honey" it true.  Without money, the life of people in this world is immovable.  Daily eating, marketing, walking, seeing a doctor, etc. Nothing is possible without money.  Money is required to visit temples, mosques, churches, any place of pilgrimage.  A poor scorpion, a physically disabled person needs money to help.  Without money, doctors are impossible.  A lot of things can be done with money on earth.

 Impossible: But with money, it is impossible to bring the dead back to life.  Many a time, friendship and kinship are lost for money.  And in this world, violence, fights are just for money.  Imagine once for a day if the money in the world was stagnant.  What will happen then  8th November, 2016 This day is an important day for Indians.  Because on this day, 500 & 1000 rupees notes were stagnant.

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